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Bitter harvest: exploitation ‘rife’ on UK farms

Migrant workers are vital for meeting the UK’s demand for year-round fruit and vegetables. But despite improvements since the Morecambe Bay tragedy, allegations of poor conditions and abuse in the horticulture sector persist. Andrew Wasley reports ‘There’s no justice, there’s discrimination… people are treated like cattle, not human beings, I never expected it could be […]

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Scandal of Europe’s tomato slaves

Across Italy an invisible army of migrant workers harvests tomatoes destined for our dinner plates. Paid poverty wages and living in squalor, medical charities have described conditions as ‘hell’. Andrew Wasley reports from Basilicata, southern Italy In the parched countryside outside the town of Venosa, in Basilicata, southern Italy, along a rough track fifteen minutes’ […]

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How food speculation fuels tortilla crisis

A surge in financial speculation on maize is causing vastly inflated prices for corn tortillas – a sacred staple in Mexico – and threatening the health and livelihoods of the country’s poor.As part of a special report examining food speculation the Ecologist Film Unit travelled to Mexico to investigate. The Ecologist Film Unit (EFU) is jointly […]

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