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The Ecologist Film Unit (EFU) is a UK-based not-for-profit news organisation dedicated to investigative reporting on environmental issues, with a particular focus on food and farming, wildlife and consumer affairs. We produce original investigative content for broadcast, print and online output, and work with external media outlets and partners to maximise exposure.

Melting point: how Britain’s eco-activists are being targeted

As part of our unique collaboration with The Ecologist, Ecostorm is pleased to announce publication of a new special report and accompanying film “Melting Point: the new frontline in eco-activism” in the July / August edition of the magazine.

Ahead of next month’s ‘Climate Camp’ at Kingsnorth, Kent – where a coalition of campaigners have pledged to shut Eon’s power station complex down – the Ecologist Film Unit investigates how government and big business are countering resurgent eco-activism with spies, strong arm tactics and news manipulation.

The print report is carried in the current edition of the magazine, available by subscription or from any good newsagent.

Melting Point is the second in a major new series of films produced by the Ecologist Film Unit. The debut film, Hell For Leather, an investigation into the shocking human and environmental cost of cheap leather production in Bangladesh, was launched in June and broadcast to millions of viewers globally on the BBC World channel.

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